Ben Green

Yield Property
Suite1, 9-11 Fitzroy Street, Tamworth NSW


Yield Property is a specialist agency, focusing on property sales, valuation and consultancy. With nearly 20 years of knowledge and experience, our exclusive work with rural and commercial properties gives us an in-depth understanding of property promotion, and enables us to provide the shortest and most cost-effective selling period.

Our valuation background gives us the knowledge to accurately assess the market value of your property. If your property is priced within a reasonable margin of its market value, you are giving it the best chance to achieve a sale in an efficient amount of time.

Communication is key. At Yield Property we understand that there is nothing more frustrating as a vendor than to be kept in the dark by your agent. We keep our clients fully informed at every stage of the listing and selling process. Feedback from inspections can help you to understand what the buyer is seeking and how it compares to the competition. Plus, our expert advice can provide you with unique insights about the mechanisms of the marketplace.

The Yield Property team pride ourselves on our ability to assist with an enjoyable and stress-free selling experience. Our values include honesty, integrity and understanding, supported by an approachable, qualified team. When you need a professional for the sale of your rural or commercial property, think Yield Property. We can yield outstanding results for you.



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